Saturday, March 5, 2011

thanksgiving feasts! (kindergarten and preschool)

Naomi had a Thanksgiving “feast” at preschool; there was white bread, green beans, sliced cheese, turkey lunchmeat, and applesauce.  Pretty funny, but the kids loved it.  Naomi even asked for more green beans!  She made a pilgrim hat, and looked adorable in it.  Some of the teachers put on a puppet show about the pilgrims, and the kids thought it was a riot; they laughed the whole way through.

Chris also got to have a “feast” in kindergarten, but they asked the parents not to come for that.  They had three classes in one room, and I guess there wasn’t space for any more people.  It was one where everyone brought something to share.  He said he had a lot of fun.


  1. awww, she looks so adorable in that sweet cardigan and dress with the little pilgrim hat on! :) and i have such a problem when the school asks the parents not to come and join the kids for something. we should be invited to share in everything-they are our children! our school did that for the Christmas party this year. i got an email that actually said, "we are asking for volunteers to help set up for the party but then we are asking you to leave." i was like, what the? then i'm not volunteering! there! that'll teach em. lol

  2. You gotta love her sparkly eyes :0) How adorable is she???